Settings not updating after a shutdown in Windows (Solution)

Are your settings not saving in Windows 8 after you shutdown and then turn on the computer?  Try performing a RESTART instead of a shutdown!

One of the biggest changes to Windows 8 is the way that Reboot & Shutdown now function. Most people are still in the habit from Windows XP days of manually going into the Start menu and clicking “Shutdown”. This would save system settings, close all open applications, and then actually turn off the machine. This process has gone through minor changes with Windows Vista,  and Windows 7 but now with Windows 8 we have a major shift in what exactly Shutdown does.

In Windows 8, shutdown is essentially a hibernate feature and as such does not actually save and then reinitialize with any settings changes you may have made. The Restart option in Windows 8 assumes that you have made changes to the OS and want to restart the machine to utilize those new settings.



To disable the hybrid shutdown feature in Windows 8:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Select ‘Hardware and Sound
  3. Select ‘Power Options
  4. From the left hand menu select ‘Require a password on wakeup
  5. Select ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable
  6. Under ‘Shutdown settings’ at the bottom of the page, de-select ‘Turn on fast startup


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4 Comments on "Settings not updating after a shutdown in Windows (Solution)"

2 years 6 months ago

With previous versions of Windows, when you select Shut down your computer will turn off. Windows 8 instead closes all apps and puts the computer into a hibernation mode that allows it to boot up quickly when it is turned back on.

3 years 2 months ago

so, any ideas about how to change that back to the old win xp way?