1. Hi! I really love reading your articles.. Really help me a lot. It makes me realize how little have I learned..

    Keep on giving us some good stuff. :-)

    really an avid fan of yours.. :-)

  2. Sarge said…

    This article really boosted my mind with knowledge and skills,I know that I have to learn you things everyday.Thats wow

  3. zigzag254 said…

    This help me more then my actual lecturer
    Thanks <3

  4. Cobby@ said…

    i love dis article,its really helping me….thanx.need more.

  5. Redheartwolf said…

    I agree with the applications you listed but I see you left one out for backing up device drivers, or I didn’t read them all close enough. I love to use Double Driver for backing up device drivers prior to reinstalling the OS. It makes it a lot easier to have all of the laptops drivers then to try and search for the right one.

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