Technician Tool: MakeItBoot – Make USB Flash Drives Bootable

Make USB drives Bootable

MakeItBoot is a OS Attack exclusive application that is designed to make USB flash drives bootable. This is most commonly needed when using a bootable operating system such as Windows PE on a flash drive. This helps to solve the common problem of “How To Make a Flash Drive Bootable”.

To make a flash drive bootable:

  1. Insert flash drive into the USB port
  2. Open MakeItBoot (requires administrative permissions)
  3. Select the USB drive from the first drop down list
  4. Enter in a name for the drive into the text box to help identify it within Windows
  5. Press Start

UPDATE: MakeItBoot has been updated




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4 years 2 days ago

Oh man, this is gonna be useful. Making flash drives bootable with a command-line is a major pita.