I have an updated post on How To Use Windows 7 Search that shows how to properly use it. This post has hundreds of people a day that visit it that are frustrated with the way that Windows 7 Search works but hopefully knowing how to use it will alleviate some of your frustrations with it. Personally I still think it sucks in comparison with the search feature in Windows Vista but for now we just have to deal with it. – 5/12/2011


Click Here – How To Use Windows 7 Search

Zack Whitacker of ZDNet has been using the new Windows 7 beta for a few days and has some very valid criticisms of it. I really wanted to point one out in particular as its one that I stumbled across today and I have not heard anyone else mention it.

Windows Vista in my opinion had a really good search engine. It searched within the files even if they were recently created. I never seemed to have any problems with it as it just worked. When things work really well you tend to get used to the same sort of functionality. Enter Windows 7 which is built off of the same code as Vista and the searching simply put.. SUCKS!

This morning I needed to find a very specific phrase from a document which I could not remember where it was located. After using about 10 different words and formats for searching I gave up and rebooted in to Windows Vista which found the document I was looking for instantly. Typically in a case like this I would assume that it was due to Windows 7 not having the folder indexed. Upon further investigating the problem I found that Windows Vista did not have it indexed either.

The biggest problem I see for most power users is that there is a distinct lack of a “Advanced Search” option that is present in Windows Vista. Typically this lets you specify the size of the file and whether to search in non-indexed areas. There is the ability to specify the size and date but only if you highlight the search word at exactly the correct moment. The box disappears and is a pain to get it to display again. Either way this is not sufficient for such a powerful utility. Maybe this is just a beta bug but right now I am inclined to believe that this will come back to bite Microsoft if its not resolved soon.

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